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Privé Is Orlando's Best Full Service Hair & Beauty Salon. They offer a wide-range of services Hair Cuts, Styling, Coloring, waxing, hair extensions, and eyebrow threading just to name a few. They have locations all over the country and they are all renowned to provide the best services in each category. The Orlando, FL location is located in the Shoppes At Millenia, in Orlando, Florida.

The owners came to me and needed a website. They already had the corporate logo they had to use, and wanted to create a site that would blend with the rest of the corporate identity, and convey the sleek and sexy image of the salon. We were able to design a site that would fit those needs, and be highly index-able by search engines.

As time went on, the site grew to include a blog, profiles of all the employees, a recruitment section and it even integrates seamlessly with their existing Constant Contact mailing list. Users can sign up on the site, and have their email address added to the Constant Contact mailing list without ever leaving the site. This allows Prive to have an up to date list of clients and potential clients without having to do much work to maintain it. It allows the clients/potential clients to be kept up to date with special offers and events at the salon.

Through our analysis of the traffic to the site via our traffic monitoring tool, we noticed that the website was getting a lot of traffic from mobile devices. So we decided to create a mobile version of the website. It contains the same content as the regular site, but is presented in a format that is easier for people on smart phones and tablets. When someone visits the site from a mobile device, we are able to detect the device they are using, and direct them to the mobile version of the site seamlessly.

We also reorganized the information on the mobile website to present the most relevant info first. For example, on the mobile site, we feature the phone number, address, and location map right on the homepage. If someone is visiting their site on their phone, that usually means they are out and about and need to find the location or phone number quickly and easily. After launching the mobile website, we have noticed that the time spent on the site, via mobile devices, has increased dramatically. More time spent on their site, means less time spent on the competitions’ sites.

The entire Prive Salon website includes a fully customized back end that allows them to administer both the site and mobile site simply and quickly in one step. This custom Content Management System is designed to be foolproof, so that they can maintain the site with out any knowledge of any programming or scripting, and do not have to worry about potentially breaking anything.

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