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Winter Springs Cycling (WSC) is a club in Winter Springs, Florida for recreational road cyclists and mountain bikers. Their members work in a team atmosphere to promote fitness through cycling in Central Florida.

WSC already had a site and had created their brand by the time we met them. They had outgrown their small template-based site, and were ready to move into something that would help them be more effective in communicating with their membership and recruiting new members.

One of the main focuses of the site was being able to add pictures of their various rides and events that they do as a group. Since their members have both hands on the handlebars, getting pictures of individual riders or the group is usually difficult, so they wanted to be able to communicate these pictures with the group when they got them. We created an easy to use interface where they can upload multiple files at once, and organize them into different albums, just like on their computer.

Another issue was group communication. Occasionally, the weather would not cooperate with the group’s plans to ride, so they would need to cancel a ride. This used to mean that they would have to copy and paste a list of email addresses into an email and send them in batches to their mailing list. This also meant that this mailing list had to be maintained by one person by hand. Further, when a ride was canceled, they would post it on their Facebook page as well, in the event that they did not have someone’s email or didn’t check their email before heading out. This entire process usually took about 30-45 minutes.

In order to solve this problem we created an interface in their secure administration area, where the mailing list is maintained. Also, we included a sign up form on the front of the site, where members can add their own emails to the list directly. They can also “unsubscribe” at any time by clicking a link in any of the emails sent via the site. This reduced (if not removed) the load of maintaining the list.

We also made it possible to post directly to Facebook via the website. This means that when a ride was canceled, they could simply click a box, and the same message that went out to the members via email was posted to the Facebook page automatically at the same time. So a process that used to take 30-45 minutes was reduced to about 5 or 10 minutes.

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